Pack and Unpack.

Packing up is simple. 

Gather all the books, separate the academic ones from the others, make a list and put them all in a box. 

Take the clothes now, segregate the dirty laundry, box them up. Pack up the shoes, throw the pair of those broken sandals away, leave behind the newspapers and other papers to dance to the tunes of the wind in the empty room. 

Pull down the curtains on your hostel life. Those curtains are heavier now. Filled up with some dust but mostly memories. There! look at the mattress devoid of the bed sheet, see the table deprieved of the books and stationery, look at those bare walls after you’ve brought down those posters and pictures.

The scheme is easy, work in a mechanical fashion. Do not be sentimental, do not stare at the things while you pack. Try not to think of all the episodes associated with all those items. Do not think of your batchmates, juniors or seniors. Most importantly, try not to cry. You may experience a lump in your throat-subdue it- you may feel your eyes get swelled up- ignore them- big drops of water may trickle down your cheeks-wipe them- but just don’t cry! Stay Strong.

And then, everything is packed up. Everything is in a box. All five years. One long journey, few small boxes.

After all, its all dust. Its just bricks and concrete. But stay there for sometime, fill it up with people, with friendly conversations, with personal items and voila! you have a home. 

Pack up one chapter of life and unpack another. That is how it always works


Agle Janam Mohe CLAT aspirant hi Kijo

imageThe excitement surrounding CLAT is so gripping; it is indeed an experience of a life time. And the various facets of it spread across that short period of our lives like colors splashed on a canvass which make those few months of our lives really worth the stress. It is those moments of success, failure, pain, joy and regret that create a great learning curve in our lives.

The Preparation– When you attend demo classes at no less than 5 coaching classes, keep scanning through free websites, looking for GK capsules, Legal Aptitude questions and any form of model question papers that may help you in anyway, you subscribe to The Hindu merely because your GK teacher at your coaching asks you to do, most of your time is spent collecting resources rather than studying them.

The Exam-   2 days before the exam the aspirant is numb. On the day of the exam when you reach your center the most abstract thoughts and ideas float your mind, seeing all kinds of people at the center is both hilarious and depressing. And along with the aspirants, one can also catch a glimpse of the parents. There are always some parents who are there only to remind their children that they must do better than Sharmaji’s!

The Result-   If there is any night worth remembering let it be the night before the results are announced. Sleep evades you, all night one only keeps turning. The next day too, no morsel of food enters ones mouth till the results are out. You only keep refreshing the CLAT website till the poor thing crashes only to be restored in some time.

What Next-  The results are just the beginning, for the ones who decide to answer the exam again the next year the cycle turns for them again, but for the others, the result opens up a whole new world , your preparations come to a close, thus something ends but something bigger and greater begins.  It is the beginning of something more beautiful, better and lovely.  It’s called the law school.

It’s the beginning of the love affair which cannot be described in words. The preparation for CLAT, making new friends at your coaching class, being separated upon getting different law schools, making false promises to stay in touch, packing your bags, listening to endless advice from parents, relatives and siblings and the list is endless, As I sit in an office cubicle interning, away from all the din, I only think that if the concept of rebirth is real, I would love to be born again and again as a (successful) CLAT aspirant and go through all the rigorous strain of preparation only to feel that exuberance, that Adrenalin rush and the uncertainty of life of what beholds next. Also I pray to get the same law school in every birth (RMLNLU), so that I may get endless opportunities to fall in love all over again. After all, love happens just once. Doesn’t it?

PS- There are a number of studies conducted by fools who determine what college is good or bad. Take my word- No college is good or bad. If you are ready to work hard enough, sky’s the limit for you!