Pack and Unpack.

Packing up is simple. 

Gather all the books, separate the academic ones from the others, make a list and put them all in a box. 

Take the clothes now, segregate the dirty laundry, box them up. Pack up the shoes, throw the pair of those broken sandals away, leave behind the newspapers and other papers to dance to the tunes of the wind in the empty room. 

Pull down the curtains on your hostel life. Those curtains are heavier now. Filled up with some dust but mostly memories. There! look at the mattress devoid of the bed sheet, see the table deprieved of the books and stationery, look at those bare walls after you’ve brought down those posters and pictures.

The scheme is easy, work in a mechanical fashion. Do not be sentimental, do not stare at the things while you pack. Try not to think of all the episodes associated with all those items. Do not think of your batchmates, juniors or seniors. Most importantly, try not to cry. You may experience a lump in your throat-subdue it- you may feel your eyes get swelled up- ignore them- big drops of water may trickle down your cheeks-wipe them- but just don’t cry! Stay Strong.

And then, everything is packed up. Everything is in a box. All five years. One long journey, few small boxes.

After all, its all dust. Its just bricks and concrete. But stay there for sometime, fill it up with people, with friendly conversations, with personal items and voila! you have a home. 

Pack up one chapter of life and unpack another. That is how it always works